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MatraX Hydro HV-SNC 32

Hydraulic oils carefully refined and hydrogenated that incorporate “ashless” additives that provide a great ability to resist thermal and oxidative degradation. Likewise, it includes a viscosity index improver additive with high stability to shear,so its use is recommended for systems subject to wide temperature variations and severe conditions of pressure, as the modern hydrostatic systems require.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. Great demulsifiable capacity.

  2. Excellent deaeration properties.

  3. Good anti-rust and anticorrosion properties.

  4. High level of protection equipment.

  5. Excellent hydrolytic stability.

  6. Low tendency to block filters.

Container sizes


DIN 51524 Part 3
Parker Denison HF-0
Fives Cincinnati P-68, P-69 y P-70
Eaton Brochure 03-401-2010
General Motors LS-2